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Quality Control Equipments(Follow ISO Standard)

1. Surface Form Deviation Inspection

I.Taylor Hobson Contourgraph

II.PTI 250RSTM ZYGO interferomenter

Spherical radius:less than 109mm

Plate precision:λ/20(N=0.1)

Spherical precision:λ/10 (N=0.2)

III.FUJINON F601 spherical laser interferometer

The datum plane precision: λ/20

Lenses with curvature radii of 0-270mm could be tested

Lenses with curvature radii of 0-270mm could be tested

IV.OSI-60TP laser plane interferometer

Inspect the plane

2. Dimension Inspection

I.ZEISS 3D coordinate Measuring Machine

1. Measure the parallelism、roundness and other dimensional dimension.

2. Measure precision: 2μm

Optical Projector

Measure precision: 0.01mm

II. Universal Toolmaker’s Microscope

Measure precision: 1μm

III. Digimatic Micromter, Dial Indicator

IV. CPK Inspection

V. NIKONG MM-400L tool microscope

Measure precision:1.5+L/100μm

Test range:150x100x150mm

3. Coating Inspection

I.OLYMPUS Spectrophotometer

Wave range: 380nm-780nm

Direct inspection of spherical surface reflectivity

II.Valianw Cary 5000 Spectrophotometer

Wave range 175~3300nm


High wave length accuracy

III.HITACHI U-4145 Spectrophotometer

Application: High reflection of mirror

Wave range:175nm-3300nm

Transmission Inspection for plane.

Inspect the transmission of spherical lens with integrating sphere.

IV.SHIMADZU UV-2450PC Spectrophotometer

Wave range: 190~1100nm nm.

It has an integrated sphere that could inspect the transmittance of spherical surface.

Low reflection inspection, AOI 5 degree.

Transmission Inspection for plane.

4. Eccentricity Inspection

I.Eccentricity Inspection

Line deviation precision:0.01mm

Angle deviation precision:20 seconds

II.Reflective Inspection


III.Trioptics Opticentric MOT Test Stasion

Measure precision:




Test range:EFL/R: ±5~2000mm

Curvature radius:±5~400









5. Inspection of Image Quality of Lens

I.Trioptics MTF Laboratory Testing System

II.MTF Analytic

III.Projection Method

IV.Imaging Function


6. Environment Test

I.Drop Test

II.Crash Test

III.Vibration Test

IV.Salt Spray

V.High and Low Temperature and Humidity Test

7. Appearance Inspection



Nece-Scope Int'l Co., Limited

Nece-Scope Int'l Co., Limited

  • Nece-Scope Int'l Co., Limited


  • Nece-Scope Int'l Co., Limited


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